WTS 168M Pilot Sub-Cap/Drones/Missiles/Guns/Sp Com/Fleet Sup/Nav/Armor


Bid: 70B
B/O: 100B

No jump clones, no kill rights, full set of standards, character in Jita 4-4, zero ISK

Please sell me!

This guy’s pretty cool, ngl


72B offer


75B offer

75B top bid @FUNNY_HAPPY @Supreme_Leader_JarJarBinks

When does the auction end?If you want to PLEX for good, it’s due today,So I have to keep bidding until the fundraising is over, or I can go to bed.

76B ISK ready

@FUNNY_HAPPY i’m on here pretty sporadically, i don’t have an end in mind, but i can sell to you for 80b right now if you’re ready

how about selling it to me for 80B right now?

@patybulaire deal!

ISK sent. TY!

@patybulaire ISK received, transfer initiated. character has been sold, thank you!

Thank you! I wish you have a great day.

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I just woke up and stared at the quotation for a day. Why did I make a deal when I was sleeping? I was very sad

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