WTS 16M SP CYNO 5/Bomber/Almost Loki TOON

EveSkillBoard: Rhann
Password: 1234

  • Wallet Balance: Positive
  • Kill Rights: None
  • Jump Clones: None
  • Location: High Sec
  • Sec Status: Positive
  • CYNO 5
  • Min. Frigate 5
  • Min. Cruiser 5

B/O 15B

All CCP rules apply
Transfer will be done by support ticket

wrong skill link

Apologies, Updated!

11 bil

12 bill

12.5 bil

13 and I will let her go :slight_smile:

I’ll offer a 13 Billion buy out.

Offer Accepted, I will proceed with PLEX Transfer method once ISk/Info is received :slight_smile:

Isk and Account info sent.

Received and PLEX Transfer ticket created. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Toon recieved today, thanks.

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