WTS 17M SP focus hel


I want to sell this Super Pilot

No KillRights!
Located in delve
JDC4 fighter5 Light Fighters 4 Heavy Fighters 4 Minmatar Carrier 4
25 Bil starting

I’ll offer 16.5bil. it’s focused but also missing plenty so not worth extra than 1b/mSP

20B will be accept

I can do 17bil but no higher sorry.

Also it needs to be moved to a NPC corporation and can you post with the character to prove you are the owner please.

Lack of tank skills and support skills are too much SP I would need to add myself to make it properly focused

If this is still available im interested but would like to talk before hand as the char is minimally trained. But non the less PM IG or send a MAIL.

19b offer

20B offer

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