WTS Focused Hel Pilot (40M SP)

Selling this Focused Hel Pilot with 40M SP. Might be missing a couple skills but not far off a perfect dedicated super toon

Looking for around 35B


  • Capital Ships 5
  • Minmatar Carrier 5
  • Heavy Fighters 5
  • Light Fighters 4
  • Support Fighters 4

- Currently Located in Jita 4-4
- Positive Wallet Balance
- No Kill Rights

-Genolution Implant Set

30 B offer

31 bil

32 B offer


32,5b offer

33.5b offer

35B offer

I will accept this offer.

Please mail account info and send isk,

If they haven’t got back to you I would also take it for 35 available now

isk and account name sent

Transferred Started,

Thank you

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