WTS 18.2m SP Paladin, Ishtar and Cyno Pilot

Including but not limited to:
Amarr Battleship V
Gallente Cruiser V
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Cybernetics V
Biology V
Rapid Firing V
Sharp Shooter V
Motion Prediction V
Controlled Bursts V
Large Energy Turret V
Surgical Strike V

Ocular Filter - Improved
Memory Augmentation - Improved
Neural Boost - Improved
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved
Eifyr and Co. ‘Alchemist’ Biology BY-810

Total: 18,176,022 SP
Positive wallet, 2 Bonus Attributes Remaps available
No kill right, no jump clone
In NPC corp, the character is located in Jita
The character has 57 skins

Starting at 16b, B/O 19.5b

17B offer

My sincere apologies, was traveling. Offer accepted

Transfer initiated, problem occurred with isk removal. currently contacting GM for assistance

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