WTS 18.4Mil SP Interceptors Pilot- Start at 10Bill

Selling Myself.
Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Killra

①Nice Interceptors Skill
②Good Gunnery Skill

Excellent Support Pilot, skill is useful for PVP.
All CCP rules apply, pos wallet, in highsec, no killrights.

Start at 10Bill
Buyout set at 18Bill

Daily Bump

12b b/o valid 4 hours

Accept your Offer

i’ll convo you in game

account name and info sent

From: Killra
Sent: 2018.09.19 05:24
To: The Durantis,

My offer is 12Bill B/O

Sent me ISK and your destination account. I will star transfer soon,

From: The Durantis
Sent: 2018.09.19 05:20
To: Killra,

Sent me your account info in EVE mail.
And sent your ISK to me.

sent and sent

ISK received
please Confirm your destination account is correct in EVE mail


All info Confirmed.
Transfer is begin. Please check.

Character Name: Killra

Will be completed after: 9/19/2018 3:43:22 PM

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