WTS 18.4Mil SP Interceptors Pilot- Start at 10Bill


(Killra) #1

Selling Myself.
Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Killra

①Nice Interceptors Skill
②Good Gunnery Skill

Excellent Support Pilot, skill is useful for PVP.
All CCP rules apply, pos wallet, in highsec, no killrights.

Start at 10Bill
Buyout set at 18Bill

(Killra) #2

Daily Bump

(The Durantis) #3

12b b/o valid 4 hours

(Killra) #4

Accept your Offer

(The Durantis) #5

i’ll convo you in game

(The Durantis) #6

account name and info sent

(Killra) #7

From: Killra
Sent: 2018.09.19 05:24
To: The Durantis,

My offer is 12Bill B/O

Sent me ISK and your destination account. I will star transfer soon,

From: The Durantis
Sent: 2018.09.19 05:20
To: Killra,

(Killra) #8

Sent me your account info in EVE mail.
And sent your ISK to me.

(The Durantis) #9

sent and sent

(Killra) #10

ISK received
please Confirm your destination account is correct in EVE mail

(The Durantis) #11


(Killra) #12

All info Confirmed.
Transfer is begin. Please check.

(Killra) #13

Character Name: Killra

Will be completed after: 9/19/2018 3:43:22 PM

(system) #14

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