WTS 18.7M SP Full T2 Rorq Pilot + Rorqual

All CCP rules applied, the isk balance is positive, no killrights , NPC corp


Some Highlights

Ice Harvesting Drone Operation V
Mining Drone Operation V
Leadership V
Mining Foreman V
Jump Drive Operation V
Ice Harvesting V
Remap Available

Character currently located in Null sec Impass Region in a Full T2 Rorqual fit Value estimates at 5.6B that will come with the character. Character is 2 Cyno jumps from safe space.

Contact Enelye in game for a chat anytime with questions.


I can do 8 + the 5.6B for the stuff.

14.5B offer

15b offer

You cannot include the price of the assets in the price of the character. Transfer that off or expect to give it away for free.

However you can always ask the seller if they wish to buy it and contract it to this character for a price before transferring. That way they could accept it once the 10 hour window has passed and the transfer is complete.

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Please review all rules regarding posting on the Char Bazaar. You may recreate the thread afterwards,

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