WTS Rorqual Pilot (Sold)

Rorqual Pilot Starting at 30B (Sold)
Positive Isk Wallet
.01 Positive Security Status
No Kill Rights
Located in Hibi .5 System


1234 thanks totally forgot

you need to follow the rules:

Help me out what did I miss?

you got most of them, last one is, where’s the toon located.

Bump for the day

Bump for the Day

20 bil

I appreciate the offer, I am looking for a little bit more.

Bump for the Day

25 Billion

If you still want it for 25 Bil let me know.

Yes, i do :wink:

do we have a deal ??

Yes Send Isk to Character.

ISK and transferinformation send ingame.

Name and Isk received.


16 Nov 2021 17:50

Character Transfered.

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Not transfered, yet. I guess CCP needs more time…

takes 10 hours

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