WTS 18 Shadows (3 full flights)

(MajorJenkins) #1

Ever wanted to be able to one shot a capital without a Titan ? Do you think normal T2 fighters are for poors? Do you like spikey things ?

Well step right up and buy your self 3 full flights of the pimpiest ■■■■ in the game…

WTS 18 Shadows located in Jita ATM.

As of right now they are 700m in Jita.

Asking 12.5b

(MajorJenkins) #2


(Disease Control) #3

if you can do 11.5 i’ll buy your spikey things

(MajorJenkins) #4

Make it 12b and you have a deal :slight_smile:

(Tiddle Jr) #5

Make a priv contract for all (650m per fighter), thx.

(MajorJenkins) #6

Deal. Contract up.

(system) #7

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