WTS 76 shadow fighter bombers

(ISK Fairy) #1

I have 76 shadow fighter bombers in jita looking to sell the lot for 45b or willing to talk price on selling off part of it.

(ISK Fairy) #2

daily bump

(Fetouros Kousou) #3

looking for 18x

(ISK Fairy) #4

I sent you a contract for 18 shadows at 639m each

(ISK Fairy) #5

daily bump

(ISK Fairy) #6

another bump, still have 76 for sale looking to sell them for 625m each

(ISK Fairy) #7

daily bump

(ISK Fairy) #8

still for sale

(ISK Fairy) #9

still for sale, with reduced price now only 525m each mail me with how many you want.

(Rusot) #10

contract x18 on me pliz

(Rusot) #11

do u have 18?

(John Ludus) #12

wtb 12

(Mike3 Afrikaners) #13

I will buy the rest all

(ISK Fairy) #14

all have been sold, sorry for not updating the thread.

(system) #15

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