WTS 183 mil sp and 149 mil sp toons BOTH SOLD

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Flavius_Maximus SOLD

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Petrus_Minutor SOLD

Both are for sale

Both are the following
Postive Wallets
No Kill rights
Can be sold together or separate.

Send me some offers!!!

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Confirming I am for sale!

Confirming I am for Sale!

Very nice. I really wish I could afford Petrus.

Edit: Feel free to PM me, but can I get a ball park on what you might be looking for Petrus? Might ask around for a loan to cover the rest.

Well, based on extractors and injector pricing. I am hoping for between 65 and 75 bil I guess. But I haven’t sold a toon in a decade. So I am not sure.

Seems reasonable enough. I’ll keep an eye on this listing and maybe I have enough time to come up with the isk.


85b for Flavius
65b for Petrus

will give 100B for flavius… at work atm, can send isk to flavius when I get home.

Offer accepted for Petrus by moep

Please send the isk to Petrus within the next 24 hours. Please also evemail Petrus the account you wish him transferred to.

Offer accepted for Flavius by Smokin’J

Please send the isk to Flavius within the next 24 hours. Please also evemail Flavius the account you wish him transferred to.

Isk and info sent.

Thanks alot.

Confirmed I have received the isk from moep and transfer is in progress!

Thank you very much

The offer for Flavius has not been completed. I have one buyer in line who has 24 hours now to complete the sale.

Otherwise he will be back on the market.

Isk sent to Flavius Maximus
Mail Sent

Confirming Isk has been received by Crookshanks through his alt and transfer to the requested account is now in progress

Thank you very much and enjoy your new character!!!

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