[WTS] 19.2m sp Rorqual toon



500,000 uncollected sp
Mining Drone Specialization:5
Capital Industrial Ships:5 (Rorqual lv5)
Industrial Reconfiguration:5 (T2 Siege)

no corp history
2 bonus remep

21b start

25b b/o

20 bil

i’ll give you a b/o of 21b

I will give b/o 24b

b/o 25bn fast trade please

i wlll be at home about 10h later

You can still accept the buyout before then.

b/o accpted i will transfer when i arrive home

Isk and account name sent.

sry for late
tranfer started now

Trade details specified

instead there is 23048 uncollected sp
any reason for this?

sale still open ??

No the character has been transferred, I am only resolving issues with the character.

I want it 25b

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