WTS 18,6 M SP Rorqual character


No Kill rights
Positive balance
Currently in HiSec
No clones
Yearly remap 1
Bonus remap 2

Drone Interfacing lvl 5
Mining Drone Specialization lvl 4
Industrial Reconfiguration lvl 4
Capital Industrial Ships lvl 5
Mass production lvl5
Reactions lvl5
Mass reactions lvl5
Adv. Mass reactions lvl4

Start price: 19B Isk
Buyout: 24B Isk
I will pay for transfer with PLEX,

All CCP rules apply.

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Daily update

19 bil


20 bil

21 bil

22 bil

Thnx for yours offers, we are almost there ,I will accept 23bil as B/O

I’ll do 23 bil. Can send isk shortly

Ok cool ,I can do transfer when i get home from work, and make ticket request for transfer. Just confirm here when you have sent isk,and il confirm as soon as I get to PC. Thnx

Isk and account info sent.

Isk received, transfer request ticket sent.

Any word on this still no movement

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