i am selling myself EveSkillboard - fife gunner2
capital industrial ships V
industrial reconfiguration V
invulnarability core operation IV

15b b/o
all ccp rules apply
i pay transfer
positive security status
positive wallet
character located in jita 4-4
no jumpclones
no killrights
in npc corp


10B offer

Extraction I would think would actually be around 13 bil. Hardly ever does a char sell for more isk than SP.

extraction is less than 9…

8B bid


need jump drive skills

9B bid, but can’t pay more for a rorq without jump skills

I understand she dosnt have any jump skills, I would really like to get 11 for her to let her gosh does have Indy cap ship V reconfigure v and in 12 days Ice drone v

In game offer pending

In game offer accepted

Character transfer has been initiated

email received ty