(Eghar Sarain) #1

want to sell this char:
pass 1234

can use mining foreman burst T2
capital ships II
mass prodction V
mining foreman V
minmatar frigate V

1h traning away for excavator drones
2h traning away for industrial core I

was salvaging alt and cyno alt and rest i went for rorqual pilot…

positive wallet
no kill rights
in npc corp in Chaven
no jump clones

willing to pass him on for fair price…make me an offer

(Ghroth) #2


(Eghar Sarain) #3

was hoping for a bit more…10b we have a deal let me know

(Ghroth) #4

I like this character very much. Can you tell me if it’s cheaper?. I upgraded the price to 9B.

(Eghar Sarain) #5

lets see if i get any more offer i would realy like to get 10b…was hoping for about 11-12 but il settle for 10b…

(Ghroth) #6

Well, you win, and I’ll provide 10B:joy:

(Eghar Sarain) #7

sold…ok im on fleet at the moment and i will get on it asap today…
i think in 2-3h max…

(Ghroth) #8

I have sent the mail and confirmed that I will make payment

(Eghar Sarain) #9

offer accepted in game mail sent waiting for isk transfer

(Eghar Sarain) #10

ISKs and ACC name recieved, processing with char transfer.

(Eghar Sarain) #11

transfer complete
04 Aug 2017 17:00