WTS - 42.8M - Focused Rorqual/Anshar pilot, Nyx sitter

Selling me: EveSkillboard - Just a Driver

All CCP rules will apply at time of sale.

starting bid: 30b
buy-out: 40b
This character is to be enjoyed by someone for the purposes it was trained, Rorqual Mining, Jump Freightering, and with some additional Fighter skills Super Ratting.

To train this character up to where it is would take 21 months of skilling (10500 plex), or about 100 injectors (60b value).
Toon has a complete set of High Grade Amulets worth around 3b in his head

Bids at extraction value will be ignored, I can do that without any help, at more profit.



I can offer 23 bill.

“Bids at extraction value will be ignored, I can do that without any help”

30b offer for tonight only.

If your offer is still good, i’ll take it

bump it up

26b offer

I’ll take 30b

28b offer, also is the character in NPC corp and located in high-sec !?

unfortunately there is a 2.2b Sin in Asset Safety. Because of that I can’t accept less then 30b.
there’s 1 jumpclone in F-5FDA with a full set of +5 improved implants (900m)
and a jumpclone in J-RXYN with the high-grade amulets (almost 3b)
that should cover the 30b price
It is in Highsec (Iyen Oursta, next door to Perimeter) and in an NPC corp and station (eveskillboard is not up to date)

Unfortunately, legally assets cannot be included in the price of the character and should not affect the price, so sadly that’s irrelevant even if its worth 2.2b

28.5b offer

that might be true for the ship.
however, the skillpoints (extraction value) + the costs of the implants (which can be included in the price), still make up 30b.
I am not in a great hurry, nor am I pressed for isk. I think 30b is a realistic and fair price for the char

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30b available tonight

you have a deal.
I am currently at work, but at about 8pm eve time, I will be online and available to process the transfer with you.

I wont be available to log on for 24-48 hours, but my deal still stands if you can wait

Isk and account name sent!!

taking care of it for you right now