SOLD WTS 34.8M focused rorqual pilot
34.8M Total SP
with 2M Unallocated SP


[1]Amazing Name, Rorqual Specialist, who concentrates on Rorqual 100%!!!without any waste SP!!!
[2]empty Employment History: Never join any corpation.
[3]2M unallocated SP
[4]Highly focus on Rorqual:
Capital Industrial Ships V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Tactical Shield Manipulation V
Mining Drone Specialization V
Ice Harvesting Drone Specialization V
Mining Director V
Industrial Reconfiguration V

Yearly Remap remian 6months
Has Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita
All CCP Rules Followed.

I Will Pay Transfer with PLEX
let’s start the bidding at 38B
B/O: 48B

Would you take 30b

30b is a too low price for her.


I’ll do 37b if we can get it done today



Before I make another bid I’d like to know the end date for this as well, thanks!

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I give it totally 1 week to discuss the price.
It will be end at January 4th, eve time 10:00.
Who bids the highest price will win the bid.
And repeat that the transfer will be done by PLEX.

24B. Toon isn’t specialized enough for 48B and extraction is only 23B.

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Transfer will be paid by dollar.
Till now , the highest price is from @Zanoza_Vyvorant, 38b.

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can we close this bid now I don’t think anyone is going to out bid me

Thanks for your bid bro. @Zanoza_Vyvorant
I’m a doctor in real life, and i’m on duty in the coming 36h, can not get online.
Let’s change the deadline from January 4th to 3rd, still in eve time 10:00.

Fly safe

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time’s up. I accept @Zanoza_Vyvorant’s bid.
let’s start our trade now.

there is no reply from @Zanoza_Vyvorant, so the bid is restart again.
welcome bid, and this time I didn’t set a deadline, once the bid I accepte, we’d finish the trade.

35B for 2 days

too low for me , waiting for higher bid.

37b if we do it today.

i am canceling my offer. Good luck!

I’m looking to make an offer but can you explain why it says 36m somewhere and 34m in another, thank you for your trouble.