WTS a vergin pilot focused on rorqual with perfect name

34.8M Total SP
with 2M Unallocated SP

[1]Amazing Name, Rorqual Specialist, who concentrates on Rorqual 100%!!!without any waste SP!!!
[2]Virgin Employment History: Never join any corpation.
[3]2M unallocated SP
[4]Highly focus on Rorqual:
Capital Industrial Ships V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Tactical Shield Manipulation V
Mining Drone Specialization V
Ice Harvesting Drone Specialization V
Mining Director V
Industrial Reconfiguration V

Yearly Remap remian 6months
Has Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita
All CCP Rules Followed.

I Will Pay Transfer with PLEX
let’s start the bidding at 38B
B/O: 48B