WTS 19.3m SP Hawk/Harpy and more! No longer for sale

I am selling myself:
Is in NPC Corp (ESI not updated yet…)
Positive ISK balance.
Located In Jita Market hub.
3 Jump clones, located in HS around Jita.

686,000 Unallocated SP

AF 5 and perfect Missile support skills, Light missiles 5
Gunnery support skills almost all 5 (only trajectory analysis to go)

Ready to run frigate abyssals in a hawk!

Lots of skills pre injected too.

Sensible offers.

Can you plug her into Quantum Anomaly, please?

I need to know if she can fly a Minokawa.


Retracted sry

Next remap is 2024.07.02
Currently in a Perc/Will map.

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Offers need to be over 15b really, Even that is low :slight_smile: