WTS 19.4 mill SP.s Lvl 4 Navy Raven Mission Runner


State War Academy
All 4 Genolution Core Augmentations
HS Location
2 Bonus Remaps
+ve Wallet

B/O 16 bill

The skill points are 9.5b, the character 3 , but 13b will be a more realistic buyout… and i doubt some one offer more than 12, if that happen use that offer.

I am not offering.

Good luck with your sale

Dont listen to the people “TELLING YOU” what your character is worth and/or what offer you should take! In extracted skills alone youre looking at about 9B… and what, your first 5M skill points are free?! 5M skillbpoints cost 650M-700M per 500,000, thats about another 7B! Your 16B ask is not unreasonable at all. Hold out for what you want my man!

Goodluck with sale o7

i offer 12b valid sunday

I accept send me details.

isk and account sent

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