WTS 19M sp Rorqual pilot

(Kathy Zan) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yllianah_Watatabe ALL 5 but capital ships Starting bid 19b
post bids here and contact Kathy Zan for any question or buy out offers.

All character will be located in HS, i will confirm in this post in a moment

(Yllianah Watatabe) #2

I confirm I am for sale!

(Kathy Zan) #3


(AXA Shield) #4


(Kathy Zan) #5

Accepted. Waiting isk and account info from AXA Shield.

(Kathy Zan) #6

Waiting your isk and account info.Ty

(AXA Shield) #7

Give me few mins to sell plex ~

(Kathy Zan) #8


(AXA Shield) #9

ISK transfered.

(AXA Shield) #10

Account name sent, waiting for character transfer.

(Kathy Zan) #11

Isk and account info received.

(Kathy Zan) #12

The character of Yllianah Watatabe transfer have been initiated to the your accounts.

(Kathy Zan) #13

transfer completed.