WTS 23 Mil SP Rorqual character

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kaly_Toralen pw 1234
Located in hi-sec.
NPC corp.
Positive SS and wallet balance.
75k unallocated SP.
Capital industrial ships V
T2 Industrial Core
Awesome fleet support skills
Implants included:

Current bid: 25b isk.
Will transfer via plex


I will accept your offer at 00.00 ET today. Thank you <3 If you will win, try to be online, I will create a ticket instantly.

and how you cheked skills without password?

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pw 1234, lol, sorry


Accepted, please, send isk and account info to Kaly

Please give me 3-4 hours as I am currently outside and away from my computer. Will send the isk and account info once Iā€™m back.

Yep, no problem, sir.

ISK and account details have been sent. Thanks!

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Ty, will be able to login in 30 mins and will create a ticket


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