WTS 23.5 mil SP Rorqual Character

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Azlav pw: 1234

Located in hi-sec.
NPC corp.
Positive SS and wallet balance.
450k unallocated SP.
Capital industrial ships V
T2 Industrial Core
Awesome fleet support skills

Starting bid: 22.5b isk

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oh bad bad drone 0. i think start 10 bil and see what will be later.

mining drone …0 I can offer 12b because i need buy injectors to upgrade the skill.

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ty, 22.5 is my min

the char can not use mining drone and drone support skills are week, need 10 injectors or more.15b is my limit.

.15.5b is my limit.

17b buyout

22 billion 500 million

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