Wts 2 5/n

(Mad Vemane) #1

wts 2 5/n
comes with 2x rait 1x atha 1x astra and 7x poccos


(Mad Vemane) #2

to the top

(Mad Vemane) #3

to the top

edit: also comes with 4 rolling bs and a rolling devoter

(Mad Vemane) #4


(Mad Vemane) #5

still selling

(Mad Vemane) #6


(Mad Vemane) #7

still here

(Sebat Hadah) #8


(Solomar Espersei) #9

Just to clarify, is this a C2 w/ NS/C5 statics? If so, shoot me an asking price.

(Mad Vemane) #10

just got another offer yesterday night, tho I will dm you in game in case it falls through

(Mad Vemane) #11


(system) #12

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