WTS 2 char

One is mission / locator pilot. 20mil char.
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/itiniti ( pass : 3374 )
1 remap available.
located in high-sec ( Jita )
possitive wallet
no kill right
This one has Gooood standing for Gallente and Minmatar.
Like this.
It has Good Vargur skills except weapon. (Min BS V, Marauder V.)

Other one is tengu pilot.
18mil char
3 remap available,
located in high-sec ( The forge, maybe jita or Peri, i forgot. )
possitive wallet
no kill right

Make your offer, and please do not write a mail to these chars.
If you want to do that, plz write a mail to Vrzua.
Thank you.

I’m selling my self. Vrzua is me.

I’m also selling myselft. Vrzua is me.




12bil for itiniti

12.5bil for itiniti



i also offer 10 bil for loki

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