WTS 2 Prometheus Forts

As title says
19 each
18.5 if both

No concessions on price


34b for both



Still for sale?

Check this out and make me an offer:

Still available?


if you still posses a fort please contract me one

contact me if u have one left

I have both - if you want one or both give me a toon to contract to

Hey Kristy, I’ll convo you in game now :slight_smile:

Or if you aren’t able to get online now, I’ll buy both off you over contract on this character


@Tel_Kontar Did you get them? Just wondering as I asked for one to be contracted to me 9 days ago

Hey Steveness, yes we’ve arranged it for them :slight_smile:

@Tel_Kontar I am happy for you sir. Bit pissed that he just ignored my post almost two weeks prior to yours, but I am still happy for you

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