WTS 2005 169mil SP Subcap Combat Pilot

Selling by Auction, Transfer to be paid in Plex.


14yr old 169mSP All races Subcap Combat Pilot located in Jita 4-4

She has 3Bill in capital skills already plugged in:
Amarr, Caldari & Gallente Carrier Books, all Capital Jump skills, Naglfar dread and cap projectile weapon books, capital shield and armor repair books, all Fighter books. All Triglavian Ships and Weapons Spec are Level 5

4Bill in clones:
HG Crystal Set + x05’s
MG Crystal Set + x03’s
Genolution Set + x03’s
All clones in High Sec.

Plus lots of good skins.
Positive wallet
No kill rights

Bidding starts 150b, no buyout set

Interested - how long will the auction run for?

5 Days

155 billion.

Bid noted

Daily bump, Maizie holding bid atm

Bump. Bid with Maizie still.

Bump to the top.

Still open for other offers.

Adjusting the bid due to market changes - 153 bil (I take it I am not the top bid any longer)

Bid noted 156 bill

Bump. Gattanera currently has the bid. Do I have any other offers?
Bidding closes 11:00 Eve time.

Gattanera successful bid of 156 bill
Contact me when you can.

Sold Gattanera. I’ll take your revised bid of 153 bill.

Isk received thank you. Support ticket sent, awaiting transfer.

Everything looks good on my end @Gattanera . How’s everything on your side?

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