WTS 2005 character with the best name you ever saw! 900k SP

A name fit for all aspects of EVE life!

Do you want to train a new stealth bomber alt, but can’t think of a menacing name? The Intruder!

Intrude in some systems by training a cyno alt? The Intruder!

Need to cause chaos in peoples wormholes? The Intruder!

Infiltrate opponents corp with a name nobody will suspect? The Intruder!

Please note I’m selling this character for the name and age. The Intruder: 900k SP
Positive security status, located in Kisogo, no kill rights, 3 bonus remaps.

I’m gonna let this run for a few days and sell it if there’s an offer that feels right.

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This is the greatest sales as i’ve ever seen. 3b

such passionate

Nice enthusiasm, but I think you oversold it a bit. In fact, every time someone claims to have an awesome name, it’s always disappointing. Like an obscure reference to a character from an old star trek episode, and they had to use a number or special character in the name because they weren’t even the first.

Also, hands down, the best name in Eve Online is “Steve Online.”

Also, your name sounds like a sex toy. HEY, WAIT A MINUTE…

God, this was bugging me. It was from Intolerable cruelty.

Sure, might have gone a bit over the top, but it’s been a slow day at work and I was bored.
But! I don’t see the downside in sharing a name with a sex toy. Even sorta look like it.


Wifes/Girlfriends birthday coming up? Forgot mothersday?
The Intruder! The perfect gift!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Also, bump.

props to your sales pitch,
much better than the usual name that sounds like someones 2 year old came up with and skillsheet link
free bump for ya

Now, this is how you sell a character regardless of SP

Thanks guys! I spent several minutes in paint to make this, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Break into those rocks and steal their juicy minerals with, The Intruder!

Skillpoints not included


Free bump for that “Sales Marketing V” skill you own :wink:

Thank you kindly! Even if he never gets sold, at least he brought some joy to the world!

4B Buyout

Thanks for the offer, but I’m in no rush to get sold, so I’ll wait and see if something better comes along.

Mint in box, one of a kind!

Get it before it becomes a ship name!

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