WTS 2005 noob char, 6818 days in StateWarAcademy corp

So, I transfer the isk to your Profile - diiksar - EVE Online Forums alt, then you empty the funds and transfer to this account’s spare alt slot, is that how it works ?

Going to work, so I’ll be quite a few hours, sorry :slight_smile:

Yes, when sending the isk you send an ingame mail also with the transfert information and once I have all this I pay for the character transfert to the name you provided, that’s it!

Dont be sorry for going to work :wink:

By transfer name, they mean the account name when you log in to EVE, thats why you send it in an evemail in game. If you have all 3 slots filled, just create a new account and have the character transferred there.

But you are correct, any time you buy a character, you must send it to the one that you are buying, doesnt matter if the seller says otherwise.
They will then transfer the funds to another character as you cannot expect to get a character and your isk back together.

Clone status: does not transfer with characters. So if you buy a clone that someone advertises as omega, but you’re an alpha clone, at the next downtime it will be an alpha.
It will take 10 hours after OP starts the transfer before you get the character. Unless they are a russian player, then it will take up to a week due to they cannot transfer as normal.

Test amount sent with email; full amount to follow on in-game confirmation of amounts, and that I am about to send to the correct character :slight_smile:

Hi, yes test received, replying to it right now. :slight_smile:

I feel like I’m buying a house :):):slight_smile:

Good but that’s not that expensive :wink: and it does not decay over time ^^

Heehee, isk sent, now the 10 hour wait :slight_smile:

2 months’ omega in isk seems like a bargain for an untrained but 2005 alt for me to mould to my designs :slight_smile:

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Thank you.
ISK and informations received, starting transfert now :slight_smile:

Going to have a celebratory mug of strong tea :slight_smile:


Transfert initialized, thank you.

Cheers :coffee::coffee:

Transfer completed, a pleasure doing business :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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