WTS 2007 Caldari Pilot 6.3m SP


I’m for sale


Madd Hamster

Corporation Perkone
Date of Birth 2007-10-30
Skill Points 6,372,096
Unallocated SP 0
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 3
Security Status 0.01

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Located in Jita.
I will pay transfer.

5B b/o

Price ? Ty

Looking for 6B+

Still available

Looking to sell this weekend.

5B and could be yours today

1.8B offer

Thanks for offer but price remains 5B

Still available

No offense but your asking for way more than its worth. 5 or 6 Bill for that character is intense. 3 bill is probably max. Or save the character to finish a lot of required stuff to level 5 and get more. But I do hope you get what you’re asking for because we all deserve the largest amount possible! Goodluck

OK. Guess I’ll just pull the skill points out and delete. Last time I played people used to pay 1B per !mil SP and would want the older dob characters. Times change I guess :slight_smile:

thanks for advice.

I assume my 2004 with only 100k sp may as well be deleted.

you will only get 2 skill injectors out of it, lol its not worth it to sell or delete in its current state.

No problem. It’s getting deleted.

It usually is around 1 bill per mill I’m surprised this hasn’t sold for 5bill I’d give it a little more time and bump it daily. A few seem to be trying to pull the price down on characters.

3 bil offer

I have seen your 3B bid.

You did say earlier it’s not worth selling or keeping. It’s not worth transferring for 3B.

If you want it its yours for 5B.

In game bid 4.5bil. Will take this unless any other offers.


Are u sell the the other character also

I’m keeping the 2004 one unless you want to offer me a ridiculous amount of isk.