WTS 2007 Character 249M SP

Selling a 2007 Character that I have been training myself since 2015.

It is a perfect Gallente/Minmatar capital and subcapital pilot… this goes for BlackOps, Marauders, Dreads, Carriers, FAX, Super Carriers. Max Remote Capital Reps, Capital Artillery, Capital Autocannon, Capital Blaster, Capital Railguns, except for Lancers. Max Fighters, Heavy Fighers, you name it. Skills can be verified with The On3 - SkillQ.net

Max engineering
Max armor
Max shield
Max all pvp drones/fighters

Nice catch = All capital Quafe skins injected.

Wallet = 10 million isk

Character currently located in Maut

Jump clones below:

Geno Vehement clone in Orvolle

High-grade Amulet Vehement clone in Maut

High-grade Ascendancy Nyx clone in Amarr

The security status is -0,4 and the character is in an NPC corp.

Skill training is currently paused.

There is 1 kill right on this character for attempting to shoot a venture in lowsec by warping in a Vehement. Sadly it got killed on accident by the tackle who was not paying attention :upside_down_face:

Bidding starts at 210B, instant buyout is 250B. I will close the auction in 168 hours unless the goal has been hit.

Fly reckless o7

Please move the character back to NPC corporation and open the thread using the character for sale.