WTS 2008 Beast of a Pilot. 241m SP

Just keep me updated

you’re trolling

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Ok I’ll let you know when I figure it out

21st century in the yard. What does black screen mean. Sign in from a friend’s or wife’s computer. Finally from work. You can wait two weeks or more for a support response. All this sounds like trolling and mockery. Show screenshots of proof that you have the money and the bet is real, or run EVE in windowed mode, where we will see Malevich’s black square. I do not believe that in 2023 a user who earned 200kkk + in eve cannot overcome the black screen problem and writes support tickets))


Exactly. Well said

You got a point but we’ll see

What are you thinking of doing next?

Do we have any update? If not i’m going have to sell to FR

If i don’t here something soon you can buy for 200m If you want…If not understand it’s not hurting me any to keep him

Hello, I’m back to which account do I send the money to that character or to another of yours?

220 billion right?

Isk goes to character you are buying. Never ever send it to another pilot when buying a character

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ok! 200 bill This is my last bet. I won’t pull anymore. I buy for myself as for the main character.

Yes send the isk to CrimsonWar.

Yes 220 billion

3 days and it’s yours

202 bil

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202 .5 bil

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203 bil

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205 bil

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