WTS 2009 Awesome name No History No Skills


If anybody is interested I have a 2009 clean character which I forgot about. Never even did the character customization.

Awesome Name: Formular 1
No history
No skills trained
Never used
EDIT: No killrights, will be in high sec, positive wallet,
CCP rules apply

I will confirm with character if anybody makes me an offer I cant resist :slight_smile:


I will not be entertaining bids under the current plex transfer rate. They will be considered free bumps.

FYI, you must post either as the character being sold OR in this thread, with the character being sold to confirm you in fact own it; as well as the following:

  • wallet status positive/negative
  • Pilot location: high/low/null sec
  • In station or space
  • Killrights for pilot or on someone else

“CCP rules apply” and the fact that you haven’t used the character isn’t enough to verify the above.

Your post risks being locked by ISD.

I disagree…if its never been used the wallet, location, Station or not, and killright are not in question. They can only be in accordance with the ccp rules unless they changed someting like dropping new player into low sec :rofl:

And i actually cant remember If they drop you in space or station the first time. So I cant comment on that.

But I will confirm with Formular 1 that hi is for sale.

Edit: I think I might have to go through the character customization if anybody wants him as the isk would have to be transfered to him. I guess I cant transfer isk from sale without beeing ingame :thinking: If so, Hi will be docked

Confirming Im for sale

Hey I’m only trying to ensure your thread doesn’t get locked.

Character Bazaar Rules

Section C states all rules that I listed above. No where in that post does it state that “if the character has never been used” that those can just be ignored and assumed to be fine. I can post a character right now and say it’s never been used and be lying completely. The skillboard is not enough to verify what CCP is requiring be posted.

While I understand what you’re saying, the rules still apply to a never used character. Unless you’ve seen this rule some where that state that new/never used characters don’t have the same rules applied.

Also new characters are now dropped into space (1.0) for a tutorial but it can be ended immediately.

1 million

Daily bump

whats the plex transfer rate

4.3-4.4b at current price level

indeed, it would cost Rosslyn 1,000 plex, or a cheaper alternative would be just pay the $20 cash.

Daily bump

Daily bump

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