WTS 2010 Character 146 Mill SP


Positive Wallet
Post Sec stat
No kill Right
no implants
remaps available
All CCP rules applied

Sell price Starting at 130 Bill Goes untill i see a price i like.

85 billions

Skill link not working, I’d check the skills and offer at least 90B

Plz reply to my this post after update the link.

Please check you Skillboardlink, seems it is set to private.

ok will do

Should be Fixed now


Great. Would u deal with 93B? I’d send isk right now. )

i will go as low as 120 bill this character has sentimental value to me and would be a shame to let go for under that

Still for sale

95B if u change ur mind. : )
I might not likely to change the offer anymore.

130 Bill is buyout. 110 bill is starting bid.

Still for sale

still for sale

100 bil offer

110 bill is start

still for sale

sale Redacted. Will repost at a later date.

Closed by request of Op.