WTS 2012 blank character - 1m unallocated sp

Selling a blank 2012-03-04 character

Located in Ryddinjorn system.
Never undocked
Never joined a corp , 4210 days in npc corp.
Never had a contract / market order
All standings 0
No killboard data.
1m sp is unallocated
55.074 sp on the character.
Wallet is positve at 5.000 ISK

Bids accepted until 14.09.2023 at 22:00 EVETIME , so around 24 hrs
Good luck bidders.

6b. isk ready, ping ingame or on here.

Offer accepted for 6bil. I can start transfer when i receive account name.

need to make room, will send account name within 24 hours.

can’t find room on any of my accounts. offer retracted. sorry for the hassle.