WTS 2006 Blank Character +1M SP

Hi. Looking to sell myself - a basic unused 2006.01.20 character

Luscious Crystal Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

Located in high sec - cistuvaert.
Character has never been in a corp, 6,531 days in npc corp.
Positive sec status
All standings 0
No killboard data.
No killrights.
1,477,800 SP + 1M Unallocated SP
Wallet is positve
No active jump clones.



Hi! 5kkk

Wll give it a few more days and if nothing better then will accept 5b

7 bil isk

Thanks. Running until 10pm gametime tomorrow and 7b will take it.

no problem

7.2 bil offer, isk ready

7.3 bil

7.5 bil

7.5b accepted. Send isk and details and I’ll initiate the transfer.

okay, will be sending now

isk sent and account details in evemail

Thanks. Just at work right now but will start the transfer as soon as I’m home.

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Transfer initiated. Will be with you in 10 hours.

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received, thank you and happy holidays

thread can be closed now

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