WTS 2006 Blank Character

Hi. Looking to sell myself - a basic unused 2006.03.28 character

Donovan Frankenreiter Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

Located in high sec - duripant.
Character has never been in a corp, 6,472 days in npc corp.
Positive sec status
All standings 0
No killboard data.
No killrights.
828,785 SP + 1.2M Unallocated SP
Wallet is positve
No active jump clones.

Starting bid 5b.



how much are you asking for? it’s a pretty low skill character, so I would go for around 5mil

Sorry, missed that from the post. Starting bid is 5b.

Alright, don’t even have that much ISK in my wallet. Good luck though o7

No worries. For future reference, it costs £17 to transfer a character. You won’t see anyone selling anything at all for much less than 3bil or so, regardless of SP amount, as for the transfer cost you could just buy Plex instead.





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