WTS Trade Character 7.22 Mil total SP . 1.8 Mill unallocated

WTS Trade Character 7.22 Mil total SP. 1.8 Mill SP unallocated

This character to receive ISK. I will pay for transfer.

-Located in Oshaima station .5 sec
-Transfer ready
-1 remap
-no kill rights
-positive wallet and sec status

reduced price: 5 bill or B/O
Sale ends 2 days

Adjusted price

skillboard link does not work, id give a bil for sure tho if it has the 1.8m unallocated SP

I made Skillboard seeable

can see it now, thx. What would be the absolute lowest youd sell for?

Friend said dont sell for less than 5 bill. It costs soem money to do transfer…

So 5 Bill

thats too high for me, sorry. Good luck tho

well feel free to make a reasonable offer
1 Bil was a stretch

2 billion

Sorry that barely covers the character transfer costs. Closing this auction due to the inane lowball offers.

3.2b offer

thanks but gonna shelve this character.

4B for the character? I’m assuming it has no standings done?

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