WTS 20m SP Miner/Reprocessing Pilot

Up for sale is Viscione PW:12345, a 22 million SP Miner/Reprocessing Pilot.

Most High/Low/Null/Moon Reprocessing skills to lvl 4
Exhumer 4
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
In Amarr
Positive Security status
no negative standings with Amarr/Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar

Looking for 17-20b BO

i ofer 17b

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Offer accepted. Please send Isk and account information to Viscione and I will begin transfer.

i’m going to log in

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Sounds good! Once isk and acct info are received I’ll get the transfer started.

account name is langdon6

Isk and acct name has been received. The transfer has begun.

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