WTS 20mill sp indy/miner

(Anthony Cathos) #1

I am for sale 20mill sp miner/indy toon
Positive wallet
In high sec
Starting bid 16bill
Buyout 23bill

Pw 12345

(Alphaeleven Ishikela) #2

13b u have from me now

(Anthony Cathos) #3

Sorry bro to low of an offer wont let go for that.

(Alphaeleven Ishikela) #4

14b maybe?

(Anthony Cathos) #5

More than that my friend considering 3.2bill is going to the plex to transfer alone.

(Lust Coach) #6


(Anthony Cathos) #7

Bid noted.

(Anthony Cathos) #8

Meet me at 20 and we got a deal

(Anthony Cathos) #9

To the top

(Anthony Cathos) #10

18bill and I will sell right now

(Anthony Cathos) #11

Anyone for 18bill?

(Anthony Cathos) #12

17bill if anyone wants.

(Seatre Nosha) #13

can fly rorq?

(Anthony Cathos) #14

No he can not. I listed all his skills.

(system) closed #15

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