WTS 217m sp Erebus/Combat pilot Awesome name

Bid retracted found another pilot

183 bil


184 bil

message me ingame


Guys im not going for less then 220b
its an awesome character, a lot of sp and ■■■■■■■ great name

185 bil
hard to come by isk !
prices on the market fall !
As war lasts, everything is sold at lower prices !

ill get pretty much the same isk if i just extract it. So no
220b b/o

180 bil extract
215m sp : 500 000 = 430 extractor
skill extractor 430 x 314m=135bil
slill injector 430 x 730m = 313bil
313bil - 135bil = 178bil
real price 190 - 200bil

try to inject 200 m sp and thats ur real price.

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you must inject 1022 skill injectors to reach 200msp, that costs at jita price 756 bi, nice price, plus skill books price…

Nice character.

You’ll get the right money if you wait.


buy out offered ingame. and accepted


Still for sale

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