WTS 275m sp combat pilot


271m sp in combat and ship piloting skills plus 4m unallocated sp.

price: approximately 300b ISK

you will not get anywhere near 300b for it. I will give you a serious and generous offer of 210 bil.

Sry but an acceptable offer needs to be closer to 300b than to 210b.



230bils offer :smile:

Sry that’s not enough. The extraction value is 240b ISK today. I can only accept an offer that is considerably higher than that as I also have to pay 20 € for the transfer.

240bils,my last offer ,you may take a long time to get the extraction value, pelx’s price is falling day by day and if you extract
his skills, obyta will become a legend of the past. i will not wait for a long time and Other bids are also in progress, waiting for your replay,

in game offer .250bils my offer now ,waiting for your replay. isk is ready to send

I accept your offer. Please send me the ISK and your account name.

isk and account info has been send to obyta,waiting for him

I initiated the transfer. You should have received a confirmation mail from ccp.

email received,thanks for that and waiting for char~ :smile:

char received :smiley:

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