WTS 22 Mil Pilot


I am selling myself. I would a fair value of say 10b.

I am in an NPC corp.
I have positive sec status of 0.2
I have a small positive wallet

Eveskillboard is lagging and is showing this character in a corp/bad sec status. This is not true.
PW: 123

Helldunks or Blueballs 10B

I will accept this offer. Please wire the isk over.

Please let me know if you are still interested.

@Helldunks_or_Blueballs I have 10b ready right now if you want

@Linoaa I will accept this offer. Please wire the isk over with account details. I believe i had given the other potential buyer plenty of time and had not sent the isk or details.

Rgr sending ISK and account info

Thx you

@Linoaa Character SOLD. Transfer in process. Thank you.

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