I am for sale: Tak Amura Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

228.9M sp 2.3M unallocated.
All Standard Faction Dreads and Carriers trained to 4/5 with T2 guns.
4 Categories completed to 100%
Almost all Subcap guns at 5/5 including specialization skills (missing 4).

In NPC Corp (sheet hasn’t updated yet)
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Standing
No JCs
Current Implants (In Jita 4-4):

Kill Rights (was ganked during Crimson harvest event):

Has 161 Skins (highlights):
Ghostbird - Tengu (30B Jita sell)
Raata Sunset - Archon, Falcon, Manticore (20.5B, 2.7B, 5B)
One Eden - Stratios & Astero (9.5B, 3.5B)
Kaalakiota - Golem (3.3B)

All other rules apply, I pay transfer.

I have a standing offer of 220B.

Confirming intent to buy @ 220B. how do we proceed?

Transfer isk to Tak, and send her (and only her) and eve mail with the account information of where you want me to transfer her to.

Both have been received, and transfer is started: