WTS 228m sp pvp char 165b BO

228m sp

All clones are located in low sec or higher
Positive Wallet with assets of around 184m and SOE (268k) and others LP
No killrights
Positive sec status (+5) also can run some lvl5s
Character is located in high sec (Jita)
I will pay transfer
All CCP rules apply

Price dropped to 165b BO for quick sale, no offers and no in game contact

Can you explain why this pilot was no active last few years?

what is to good be true quiet often is???

“Compromised account” I assume.

I stopped playing for a bit, I started playing in 2006 and this was my first char.

The char is genuine


I’m not dropping the price any lower, 165b is already far too low for an excellent character like this. If he doesn’t sell by Friday, i’m keeping him.

I also played him in the Alliance Tourney once (not very well :slight_smile: )

165b or no deal

Alright. I will take him for 165b. Plz confirm and i send isk to you.

Please accept this as confirmation of the acceptance of your offer (Dodgy Bob) of 165b for the purchase of sxndy.

As soon as I have the isk in my wallet I will start the transfer of the character.
Please send sxndy an ingame message with the account you want him sent to.


Isk and account info sent.

so did the transfer start

Bazaar is full of fishs, bait is always taken…

Character Transfer Received

Another player is transferring the character sxndy to your account named xxxxx

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