WTS 230.6M SP

WTS Me: Ken Hatiman Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

NPC Corp
0 Kill Rights
Positive Sec Standing
Positive Wallet
Near 0 Assets
133 ship skins
Misc LP
Mostly positive Standings (some pirate factions are negative see character sheet for further details)
Implants are as follows:
Current: +5 Slots 1-4, EE-603
Jita: Genolution Slots 1-4, LE-603, MB-703, GP-803, TN-903, RL-1003
Jita: Mid-Grade Crystal Set + Omega + MP-703, EM-805, TN-903
Jita: +5 P & W

Pending private sale for 210B to Traitorous Translator

Bid confirmed. ISK and account info will be sent tonight

Confirming, just a reminder send isk and account info when ready to Ken (not Harrigan).

isk and account info sent

Isk recieved, you sent the account info to Harrigan though.
Transfer started:

Thank you!

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