I am for sale:

pw; 1122

-Positive wallet
-Standard implant set (-less Social)
-decent killboard: JHA1 | Character | zKillboard
-veteran of WWB2
-PVP focused skills BUT can still fly a barge, if needed
-Short employment history
-324K unallocated SP
-location: Amarr at time of sale

Password locked, please add password in Desc.

43b offer

44.5 b offer

These are all reasonable offers, thank you. Bid of 45B by WTB All Characters is accepted; please send isk and account information to initiate transfer.

Removing my bid

Ready to buy :slight_smile: mailed in game

Hank Watson bid accepted; awaiting isk and account info

Isk and account Info sent

isk and account info received; transfer being initiated

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