WTS 24m SP Ishtar pilot + PI

I am putting myself for sale.

-Positive wallet balance.
-No kill rights.
-In NPC corporation.
-Located in Jita 4-4
-2 Bonus Remaps

  • 1.9 unallocated Skill Points

Following implant set:

Immediate B/O : 19b

Edit: updated skillboard link to reflect new amount of SP. Price stays the same

16.5b offer

Too low, we can meet in the middle for 18.5b?

Hey! I can buy for 18.5b

19b if still available

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19.5B b/o

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Confirmed, awaiting ISK and mail instructions

Sorry friend, you didn’t show up for a long time, I already bought another character. Or if you’re willing to wait a couple of days, I’ll buy it.

I am willing to wait for a couple of days.
Yeah, real life took over.

I will check here every day for update.

@Vadim_UnholyFEAR any updates?

17bn ready now

As no answer from buyout bidder, I am relisting the character.

Immediate B/O : 19,5b

@Sanshal That will be not be enough, given the amount of SP.

I just bought a 19m sp toon with 0 wasted sp (like pi and mining) for 9 bil so that was a generous offer that i retract . gl with your sale :slight_smile:

Some other players want PI and mining skills, thank you.


bump still for sale

updated Immediate B/O : 19b

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