WTS 24mill Sp Toon - SOLD

sec status 0.0
Positive wallet, 94mill isk currently

corp - Scope
Location - obe
Jump Clones - Duripant VII moon 6 fed navy Academy Station
Kill Rights - None

Used as a carrier sitter
Starting bid 15b BO 23bill


13.5 b

15b bo

16b offer

offer noted

17b ,

offer noted

bump bump

IF no more offer come by 48hrs at 23:00 on monday I will sell to you for 17bill

17.5b bo

20b BO isk ready.

BO accepted, send funds and mail which account you it to be transfer to when ready

Hi, isk and account info sent.

Char transfer started

Will be completed after 2/20/2023 1:57:04 AM

thank you my man.

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