2B Bil in scattered Assets ( Included free)
Full set of Mid Grade Snake and Standard Clones
79 skins on the account!
SP: 69.5 Trained, .5m Unallocated

Current Offer: Ban Ladan 50B
Starting Bid: 40B
Buyout: 50B

87 Level V Skills!!
Spaceship Command 19 Level V Skills 23m sp
Gunnery 16 Level V Skills 11m sp
Drones 8 Level V Skills 5m sp
Missiles 9 Level V Skills 7m sp

Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Large Precursor Weapon V
Warhead Upgrades V
Advanced Spaceship Command V
Heavy Assault Cruisers V
Logistics Cruisers V

  • Positive Wallet Balance
  • Positive Security Status
  • No Killrights
  • In NPC Corp

Assets are not apart of selling a char. If you wanna sell assets, do that separately

Thanks for letting me know, ill be just letting them go for free

How much do you want for a character ?

Make an offer

Ill put you as the high bid!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to wait long (((

let me know when you’re retracting!

I’ll wait until tomorrow evening

I am ready to offer you 34B right now

Bid 41B

How much do you want to get for the pilot to give it away now?

buyout is 55b, you can offer less and ill consider it, Harrigan is the high bid with 41b

It’s very expensive, thank you.

bid 45 bil

Your the High bid, Closing in 12 hours!

Are you interested in both SwiftSyTz and Meekss? I own both accounts

i will buy both

you can have both if your bids hold

New High Bid Thanks!